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Default Re: help with cheer bows - fabric or ribbon?

Hey all! I have to chime in a little bit as well. I've been doing them for 3+ years now and I even bought Devon's instructions, only because I was curious. Sometimes it's nice to see someone else's perspective. There were many steps that I don't do, but I'm sure they'd be great for someone starting out who needs to build up their confidence. I did a little bit of experimentation with some new styles of bows this year:

Sorry for the link - I couldn't figure out how to insert the picture.

Now onto the joys of LARGE orders. I was scanning through the Yella Ribbon posts and I have no idea how in the world you do it! I have 108 of the same bows to make for one gym this year and I honestly don't know HOW I'm going to do it! I'll be bored to tears.

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