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I'm not sure, let's trouble shoot. I will tell you how I monogram my ribbon and you can see if that helps in any way. First off I think you have probably already rethreaded your upper thread, if not do so for good measure and do the same with your bobbin. Make sure the bobbin is wound neat and clean, not messy. When you have your bobbin out take your can of air and blow out the bobbin area. I think the feed dogs are automatically suppose to drop when the embroidery unit is placed on the machine. Maybe take the embroidery unit off and then back on again to make sure the feed dogs are dropping. I use the hoopless method on my ribbon (quicker and easier for me). I hoop tear away stabilizer, spray it with HR5 temp adhesive and then pin the ribbon on to the stabilizer (make sure the pins are out of the way of the embroidery and the ribbon is straight- I have a cutting table with a large self healing cutting mat that I hoop on and I use the lines on it to make sure it is straight. You can so the same with a cutting mat or ruler). I have never used solvy on top. Do you see that this makes a difference? Let me know. Try that. If this doesn't work try floating another piece of stabilizer underneath. Also are you using 100% polyester thread?

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