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Originally Posted by jlalex View Post
Cynthia, thanks for sharing those great instructions with us. They are easy to understand. I just bought the red rope ribbon from the Dollar store on Sunday, but I don't think I saw the red and white one.

You're welcome, Jessica...

Now, as to why (just why your $ don't hv it, prolly they ran out of it? When I went to my $ store on Sunday (oh, yes, Sunday too!, the cardboard thingy where they display all the ribbons, it looks as if they (the ribbons) only come with 4 spools of each design... I didn't pay attention to the wired ones as my eyes were fixed on that rope/twisted ribbons AND a cute 3/8 GG ribbons. I grab all 4s...lmao....

But, don't forget, Michael's has it too....

cynthia =)
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