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Originally Posted by rachel66 View Post
hey rene-you seem to know a lot of stuff so i am going to ask you this one--my mil bought this bib the other day and the back was this stuff that was plastic feeling--almost like table cloth stuff--but it had a design on it--it was a western theme--she said the name of it--but i forgot what it was called--do you know what i am talking about?

i tried everything w/ loading the thread--when i look inside the cassette spot--the metal thing that pulls the thread down isnt catching the thread as it passes by it. any suggestions--i have wasted soooo much thread bc i keep having to take it out and redoing it.

I'm not sure what the backing you are talking about is. What were you thinking about doing with it?

With the thread cassette:
I am going to my sewing room to sit in front of my machine and go through the actions-we will not be defeated!

Turn the machine on. Is your needle all the way up? Push the button with the needle on to make sure it is all the way up. If it is all the way up when you push the button it will go down and stay there, just push it again and it will go up. Sometimes it appears that it is up, but it really isn't all the way up. Make sure the presser foot is up push the grey/beige lever up to raise the presser foot. Take the thread out of the thread cassette and replace it where the thread comes from the bottom of the spool on the front side (while you are holding it facing you). Slide the spool down into the cassette. Bring the thread up into the #2 position and let it hang there while you put the orange spool cap on top of the thread spool. Close the spool compartment. Take the thread that is dangling from the #2 position and follow the arrows across the top to #3 then down the side to #4, turn underneath (making sure it is in the groove on the bottom atop the silver bars) gothe the "felt" spot on the lower right corner and turn up and back to the left at #5 follow the arrow across to #6 making sure that you are going toward the left and under the #6 marked on the cassette. Now go up and around like on the diagram to cut your thread. Your thread should not have any slack in it. Place ithe cassette in the machine making sure that the thread by number 5 is direclty over the metal part in the sewing machine. Place your fingers on the grey pad on the top of the cassette and evenly push down to insert it (you don't have to push hard). The thread should go through the eye of the needle with a loop. Take a straight pin or a skewer (that's what I use-I'll tell you about it in anohter conversation, I take a lot of flack about my wooden skewer) and place it inside the loop that is through the eye to where the thread is straight. Take the end of the thread and run it through and under to the back side of you presser foot and let's hope your machine is threaded- it should be! It may sound like alot and as though it is difficult when it's really not. I just tried to be very explicit for you as to help you visualize what I am doing (it's that first grade teacher background). I remember having toget the hang of it.

Let me know.

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