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Default Re: How does she make her korkers look like this?

Gotta agree with Lorraine here. I have a korker box. I loved it. My little monster or hrm mean PRINCESS had all the korker pieces out by the time we got to the grocery store. Then I was doing the korker box AND Sewing them up through the middle kind of. It still didn't work well.

Sewing is the best technique for something that's secure.

3.5" with 35 is a nice full and big korker.

Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
The bad thing about korker boxes is that if kids want to they can still pull the korkers out.

Yes they are very secure. But they are not SECURE. ONLY SEWING WILL MAKE THEM TOTALLY SECURE.

(preparing to be hung draw and quartered for the above comment/s)
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