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Default Under 5 mins: Another Lollipop Clippy Inst.

Hello Ladies! Would like to chime in my idea on making lollipop as well. Beforehand, I would like to apologize my grammar errors and not-so good pics...hehehhee... I wanted this inst. to finish today for sharing ....

Supplies: Under $1.50 -->More or less...hehehehhe...
Time To Make: Under 5 minutes -->More or less...Double heheheheh...lmao

As you can see from this pic , the spool has a Dollar General Store sticker. That's because this was where I bought the twisted ribbon. It has 3 colors: Red, White and Irisdescent/Reddish.

1) Cut the ribbon (let's just call it ribbon ) to 7" length. Don't forget to heat seal it...
2) Cut the felt into a circle. About 0.6" around --> The felt circle didn't show on my cutting mat. Look close at the top, (R)hand corner, you'll be able to see the felt circle how it actually look like...

1) Dab glue at the center of the felt circle. Here, I used E6000. I'm used to the fume and totally a believer of, I hv *control* using it without it seeping thru the top and show glue-spotty-thingy... I always try NOT to let the glue show in any creation/design...
2) Place the first end of the ribbon as shown on the pic below and start *circling*. Each tiny turn/circle you make, use a toothpick dab glue on the side of the circle-made (hope that make sense.. ) By dabbing glue to each tiny circle, it'll hold the ribbon together and STAY put in a circle.

3) Keep on circling and don't forget to dab the glue, on the side!!

This is how it'll/should look like towards the other end. Leave a very short length of the ribbon, without glue.

This is why you need to leave the short length: You're gonna take that end and place it underneath the felt. Dab glue around the ribbon, generously MINUS the mess, of course.... Place the felt back and that'll cover that end of your lollipop.

And this is how the back of the lollipop should look like.

Tap, tap, tap flat on your table to make sure it's FLAT, place it on clippy of choice, and wallaaaaa! Lollipop Clippy!


hugs, Cynthia =)

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