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Here it goes again. I tried to respond to you, but obviously I am too wordy and when I had to refresh the page it wiped everything away.
I believe you can use that box. I purchased the Brother PED Basic at Walmart for about $129.00. It is also available online and you can have it shipped site to store and you won't have to pay any shipping.
Tear Away is what you will use most, especially on hair bows and ribbons. Use Cut Away on t-shirts, knits and anything stretchy. You will also need a solvy to use on top of the t-shirt. The cut away goes in the hoop- inside of the shirt. The solvy goes on top where your design will be. Cut it to the size of the design or hoop and pin it on the top of the shirt. This keeps your stitches from being "lost" and keeps them on top. You will also need to use ballpoint needles when sewing on knits, t-shirt... You can buy the tear away and solvy at Hooby Lobby - the brand is Sulky. I don't remember the exact name of the solvy but it will say it is water soluble. There is a thick and thin version; get the thin. My cut away I purchase at my local sewing stores. I currently have some made by Babylock. OESD is another brand. and Ohter places to check, Hancock Fabircs and eBay - do a search for tear away embroidery stabilizer or cut away. I buy my on a roll.
Other items I recommend:
Embroidery Machine Essentials (don't remember the author) it will tell you stabilizers and needles to use on different fabrics-although I don't follow it exactly. Be sure to read the section on "hooples" hooping, this is the method I use all the time (much easier)
Marking Pen and Centering Ruler: Marking pen at Walmart in sewing dept.-has two ends, one purple (disappearing ink) and the other blue (mark be gone). For darker fabrics I use a dress makers pencil in white or pink.
Centering Ruler: flexible transparent ruler for marking the center of your design for alignment. I bought mine at Sew Bizz, but you can purchase it at the Brother Mall on the Brother website ( -very inexpensive yet a valuable tool to have

Begin looking at software on Ebay- that will probably be your next step. Many software embroidery companies offer 30 day tirals.


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