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Default Re: I really love these flower bows

Yups, you are correct. Exactly like the one at TRR just a tad *adjustment* SEW, no glue. =)

ETA note: Page 4 of TRR's flower loop instructions..

Darn, now how in the heck did i know you're gonna buy that marshy marshy ribbons? Ugh...send me some I AM gonna buy all ribbon addicts... At least I am..

Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
Hey Cynthia Bo Binthia

When you have all your loops do you just put them together and sew - or do you glue them - ie one you have loopes the 6 top ones - just lay them side by side and sew in the center right?

Oh and I bought some of that marshmallow ribbon yesterday - I am so sad!

Will someone come clean this house and prepare for this baby....please....


I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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