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Default Re: I really love these flower bows

Just made this...a lil' bit slow on my side as I am sooo sleepy..

Close enough? lol

Top 1st Row = 2 x Color 1 , 2 x Color 2 @ 5" in length => 4 cut ribbons
2nd Middle Row = 2 x Color 1, 2 x Color 2 @ 6.5" in length => 4 cut ribbons
3rd Bottom Row = 3 x Color 1, 3 x Color 2 @ 7" in length => 6 cut ribbons

The *layering* basically the same as the Free Instruction Flower Loop at TRR. The ONLY difference is how you pull the ends. You twist it to the back. That's how you get the loopy loop and instead of straight/flat loop-sorta loop.

Picture 1

Picture 2 (This is what i meant by bringing it to the back. Illustration only.. If you hv all ribbons line up i.e 1st Row, by the time you finish bringing all both ends to the back, it WILL look like umm, the

Play with the ribbon lengths and widths as you can make beautiful loopy flowers with 'em two thingies... The recipe is for the flower mentioned. It's not set and stones. Mess with the recipe... with trial and errors... =) Or, maybe, you can even use TRR's flower recipes.... Definitely can't go wrong..


I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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