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Default How to resize image size in bulk

I have 30 images need to be posted to my online store. The size should be resized to 100x80 pixel. Here are the steps to resize multiple images in bulk:

1. Put all the images in 1 folder (Please keep the copy of the original images in another folder).

2. Move mouse to any one of the pictures, right click, then choose 'open with', then click 'Microsoft office picture manager'. You'll have the window like the image below.

Click the 'thumbnail view' button pointed by the arrow.

3. You'll get the thumbnail view window like this (note that only 1 image is highlighted):

4. Press Ctrl+A key to select all images. Here is how it looks--all pictures are highlighted.

Then click 'Edit pictures' button.

5. Click 'resize'

6. Enter the parameters. I use the 3rd and 4th options a lot.
3rd option-- you need to enter the pixel you want. Just entered the number in 1st field. Computer will caculate the value in 2nd field for you.
4th option--enter the percentage you want.

7. Click file--save to save all the images.

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