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Default Re: E6000 - Love It!

I use E6000 for lining clips, gluing bow to clip (including the center ribbon that wraps around the clip) in addition to sewing. I use it to add bling, buttons, flowers; plastic, wood, and metal embellishments. I like to sew everything but when I layer, I add a little between layers for extra security. I have used it on the only two pair of flip flops I made and they are still fine. If I have an end that is not going the right direction, I use a tiny bit to re-angle and make that end go where it is supposed to! In other words, I use it for anything and everything ribbon related. And I am really looking forward to getting some with the new tip! For now, I use an ink pen cap to keep mine from drying out. I really have not noticed the smell that much, but always have a ceiling fan on. If I get some on my fingers, I wipe on a paper towel or tissue and have never had to use acetone to get it off. Actually, I use my finger to spread it at times. It is not as quick drying as hot glue, but if you don’t just glob it on, it gets pretty secure pretty fast. In case you wouldn’t tell, I really do like that stuff! Hey ~ I sound like an advertisement for E6000!
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