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Default Re: E6000 - Love It!

Originally Posted by Lorijoz View Post
I use e6000 too and love the way it holds but does the warning on the tube worry anyone else? I use it almost everyday and I wonder about the cancer warning on it.
By law they HAVE TO put it on the labels in CA so they dont have to have differnt tubes for different states they print it on tubes for all states. It saves them money.

In CA darn near EVERYTHING has a Cancer label on it. If it cannot be labeled 100% NON-TOXIC then you can bet it probly has a cancer label on it. this goes for any building anywhere in the state that uses any product that may cause Cancer they have to POST big signs that state it at the entrance.

follow common sense precautions. like use in a well ventilated room, have a fan blowing that can blow the fumes away from you, dont hover over your projects and breathe deeply, wear gloves if you are concerned about getting it on your skin, keep some acetone (nail polish remover) handy to take it off.

E6000 is probably the BEST glue/adhesive I have ever used! love it!
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