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Default Opps...I have crunchy bows!!!

I starched my bows for the first time tonight and I think I did something wrong. I used 1/2 water and 1/2 sta-flo (no stiffen stuff at my Wal-Mart) and sprayed the bows until wet. On the upside, my korker looks pretty good. I hung it upside down to dry. But, wow! My pinwheel bows are stiff!! They are still a little damp, so we will see what they are like in the morning. How stiff should they be? I don't want people to be turned off by their stiffness, but I also want them to hold their shape while being stored. Starch terrifies me! I am such a slow poke at making bows, I don't want to ruin any.

Also, I want to glue a little "bling" to the center of a couple of my starched bows. Will it the glue still stick over the starch.

Sorry for so many questions!
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