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Originally Posted by funnykindagirl72 View Post
OH, & TY, Sabine for web site!
\You're most welcome....
"HotFix" is sort of the name of the process used to attach the stones.... you use HEAT.... they have glue already attached to the bottom of the stone/crystal..... you use a tool (it's very, very similar to a woodburner) to heat the crystal (it's like hollowed out round tip which fits the rounded top of the crystal, you can pick them up with the tool with some practice), you keep an eye on the glue on the bottom and it'll melt and get shiny, and then touch the crystal with the melted bottom (which is an itty puddle of hotglue I guess) to whatever you want to bling... and TADA! you're done.... it sticks right away and will hold really well.
You won't have any hotglue-strings, no huge puddle of other glue, it just has the right amount.
So, no additional glue needed for "hotfix" stones.... they just have the stuff already on the bottom.

You might be able to find a video on youtube which shows the process.... I am in the middle of a bigger order, so I don't have time to go digging, but might get around to it later.
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