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Default Re: What size elastic for a tutu?

Originally Posted by lisavengesta View Post
thanks for the compliment how do you wrap the satin? i know it might sound like a strange question, but i just can't wrap my brain around it without having the supplies here. and how do you make the double layers? i feel so silly asking. i can't wait to get the stuff in!!!! *sigh*
It's pretty self explainatory.... you just take the ribbon and wrap it around each knot of the waistband. I use 7/8" ribbon, however i have been using 1/2" elastic. So if you have wider elastic, you will probably need to use over 1" ribbon. Just leave extra when you start so when you make it around the waist you can have enough left over to tie a bow.

With the double layers, I dont' personally do this, but some people just take two or more strips and tie them together for one knot.
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