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Originally Posted by olivia-mom View Post
Hi Michelle! I tried to post a picture and am unable to repeat step 2 in paint. I am able to open the image in paint, stretch, enter the %, click the rectangle icon, drag it to select the object, then I copy it...this is where I am lost. I don't see a place where I can add a value (10%&10%). I am also unable to get the picture to attach to my post!!! I hope you can help!

After you copy it, you need to repeat step 2 which is 'ctrl+w' to bring up stretch window and then enter 10%, 10%.

to attach an image to forum, before you submit a post, scroll down a little bit, you'll see 'manage attachments' button. Click it, a new window will be open which allows you to select image file on your pc and upload to forum server.

Hope it helps.

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