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Default Re: help with cheer bows - fabric or ribbon?

Thanks so much! Like I said, I admire those of you who make the elaborate boutique bows. I have made them, but I enjoy this a lot more. And making the little animals and shapes out of ribbon? Whoa! I have been out of this world for a while I guess.

Pop Warner is a football organization. Like your local rec league but they have different rules. They have cheerleaders for games and many of them compete as well. I know it is big in Connecticut. New Jersey seems to have a lot of rec league teams. California has some type of organization, but I'm not sure what it is. I hear Jr. Wildcats, Jr. Panthers and names like that all the time from CA customers.

I am so much more familiar with all star cheer than anything else. My daughter, who is nine, is starting her sixth year of all star cheerleading. So it is in our blood.

intandem: That is so funny. And flattering. Thanks for sharing the story.

My web designer does a lot of cheerleading sites but he also does all kinds of web work. He also owns a media company so I get business cards from him and he does my print ads like in magazines for example. Print ads are a complete waste of money by the way. I can't tell you if I have gained one customer from my ads in American Cheerleader or any of the other mags.

I am thinking about either publishing a blog or maybe a thread here with just my thoughts on being a business woman. Believe me, last year in June my husband told me I had until September to prove to him I could make money at this. I had tried so many things to help him with the finances that he was very skeptical. Would you all be interested in reading something like that? I thought a blog might be the best. Just a running log of my experiences, successes and failures. Let me know what you think.
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