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Default Re: help with cheer bows - fabric or ribbon?

Originally Posted by yellaribbon View Post
Thank you so much. I appreciate that. One piece of advice I would give women in online businesses is to hire a good web designer. I remember I told my designer I wanted neon pink and green and I wanted a flash intro. He said "Um, let's don't do the intro. Let's get people in there spending their money. " And it was his idea to do the charcoal gray and black so the bows are the only color on the page. I think it turned out pretty great.

You're in PA? Aren't there a lot of pop warner and rec groups there? I know in certain parts of the country those groups are huge. Not here. All star cheerleading is big here. Our gym is beginning its 18th year in business. Some of my pop warner and rec groups are SERIOUS about their bows! It is as important as the uniform to them. They are great to work with too!
Yes I am in Pa. I am very new to cheerleading. I don't even know what pop warner is. Cheering in this area is huge and we also have a lot of dance and gymnastic groups. I am just starting out with a few groups then this fall then would like to go talk to some of the other coaches in the surrounding area.

I would Love to get a really good web designer. I needed something quick so I decided to do my site myself. By next year I hope to be able to get someone to help me redo everything.
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