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Default Re: help with cheer bows - fabric or ribbon?

Remember we have only been in this business for two years in November. So it has been difficult to state when our busy season is. It looks like it starts now and lasts till December.

Yes, every bow. My husband resigned from his job last December to work with me/for me, however you want to look at it. It has helped a lot. I was a crazy person last fall. I am very much a control freak and don't like to turn over all of the steps to anyone. So I have other people who do everything else. They start them, then I fold, then they finish them. My husband is my major designer. He has some bizarre ideas.

I don't think I have a link in my signature. The site is Cheer Bows | Yella Ribbon. if anyone is curious.

By the way, for me the hair bows didn't come first. I have been in the cheerleading industry for 18 years. I coached, owned a gym, was a tumbling instructor and now a cheer mom since 1990. I learned how to make bows a few years ago. I hate making boutique bows. I admire those of you who make those beautiful stacked bows. It was not my thing. I do wish all of you breaking into this business the best. There are a LOT of teams out there. Enough to go around.
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