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Default Re: Korkers .... Help Me :( :(

When I sew them I string them all on just the needle part. It's hard to keep them there but it you set the needle on the table or on a thimble it'll help .Don't let the korkers fall willy nilly on the thread as it'll mess up your pattern that you placed them on there in. Once you get all the korkers on there hold the bottom korker and the top korker between your fingers in a tight grip and pull all the way through. I then go back through the same spot about 4 or 5 times for stability finally tying it off at the bottom. I like mine poofy but You'll just have to play around with how many you like on there. Usually the smaller I cut my korkers the less I put on there. But the good thing is if it doesn't look right just cut the thread and restring. HTH!

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