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Default Korkers .... Help Me :( :(

Ok so i had some korkers made for me... I decided to go ahead and try to make one korker bow...i was scared to death to even try cause they are all sooo pretty but i did... I have cut each one which took me a very long time LOL..and have strung them on thread including the very bottom straight piece....What do i do next??

Right now they are just on the table strung thru the thread ... Do i go back in the same or almost the same exact spot and keep sewing them one by one or what do i do? Its so puffy and fluffy(
i only have 24 pieces on there.. do i need to take some out?)
i am not sure i know how to get them like a half round ball or thats how they look like when you guys do them LOL..thats the only description i know to give...

Help me Please.. I would sooo appreciate it....
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