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Default Re: help with cheer bows - fabric or ribbon?

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Thank you very much!! Yes, it's Black 2 1/4 on the bottom, Orange 1 1/2 and I used White 7/8 for sequins. I thought Lorraine did a great job of her simple explaination a while back. That's the only thing I went off of and it's worked great!

I'm glad I'm only making 13 bows with the sequins though. It's a bit of a pain But the squad bought 3 different styles of bows at 13 bows each it's going to be a nice profit!
When you have looked at the same bow 400 times it's a pain! Been there believe it or not. Up until a few weeks ago when I finally taught one of my employees how to fold a single layer, I folded every bow that went out of Yella Ribbon. It can get monotonous.

Honestly I hate doing layout bows. i charge extra for them!
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