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Default Newbie with tutu questions!

Hi! Wow, you can spend hours on here!!! Crazy!!! So much stuff and info and talent. WOW!
Okay so I have many questions...

I am going to be making some tutus for my daughters this weekend. Definately buying non roll elastic from what I have been reading. I know I can just measure their waists and cut the elastic to fit right? But what if I want to make a bunch of tutus to sell? What are the general sizes in inches for infants, toddlers and 4-6 girls?
And does the elastic come on a big roll or do you buy it by the yard?

And how about length? What is standard for length? Or do people buy all different sizes? Thanks so much!!!

And last question... how do you wrap them in the satin ribbon? I haven't been able to find that answer in any instructions online.
Thanks so much!

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