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Default Re: Okay, I need some serious hot glue gun help!

Originally Posted by Littlepinkladybug View Post
the best tips I have:

1. Use a low temp glue gun until you get the hang of it.

2. When you need a small dot of glue, squeeze out a teensy bit on the tip of the gun, then "wipe" it off onto the surface you want the glue on. This will help with the stringers.

3. If you get glue somewhere you don't want it, DON'T touch it! let it dry then 1 of two things will happen, it will peel off somewhat easily if it is not ground into the ribbon or 2, it won't come off, but scrape off as much as you can and then hit it lightly with a lighter (folding every other part of the sculpture back away from the flame). This will remelt what's left and make it clear.

Hope these help! Just keep practicing!

Ditto on all of that! Also want to add when you need just a tiny bit squeeze the trigger o so gently the second before you need the glue. Then let the trigger go. The glue will kind of suck back into the gun and leave just enough for you to "wipe" on the bow. Hope that make sense.
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