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Originally Posted by LMcPhee View Post
Okay, so I am a korker failure. How hard can it be to make a orker bow?? So, I threaded a needle with upholstry thread and one by one put them all on the needle and then tried to bring thread around to tighten. It did not look right?? I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am selling bowsso I need to make sure no ribbon will be able to be pulled out. Any help would be so appreciated!!! Step by step, what do you do???
Thanks so much. You girls are always a wealth of knowledge.
Lisa in Oakdale,CA

ok not sure if this is what you mean by bring thread around but if you mean you threaded it once or twice then wrapped the thread around the bow, thats probably why. Don't do that, thread it through about 6 or 8 times for durability, then i stitch through the center top or bottom doesn't matter, over and over int he same spot just knotting it with the already threaded section. Then I dab a small drop of hot glue on it. There ya go and you don't lose any. If you wrap it around it tends to bend and pull them away.
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