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Default Re: Making Bottlecaps with Avery Design Pro

Originally Posted by careyon151 View Post
I STILL have these instructions I am willing to put on the forum for free.

I STILL need someone willing to test these instructions and PROVIDE FEEDBACK so I can post them for everyone to use.

These instructions are for using your own images and creating a printed document that you can punch out the images (one or several at a time on a page).

I've had 2-3 people that said they wanted to test and NEVER provided any feedback to me as to whether or not they made sense or looked like the instructions were missing something.

Since I'm the one that created the instructions, I could have missed something. I've reviewed them several times by starting at the begining and creating the document and had to make some changes, but I REALLY need someone else to TEST them from the beginning and PROVIDE FEEDBACK on any ambiguity.

It take a LOT of time to put these together, and I don't mind sharing these with the forum, but please DON"T respond if you do not intend to provide FEEDBACK on the instructions and work with me to get them into a finished usable understandable document.

I would love to help! my email is [email protected]

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