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Default Re: wipe case back and corners and monogramming

quote=funybuny;161215 Hi Melody! Welcome to the group!

Here is how I do my wipe cases - I just made it up as I went along!

I treat the top and bottom as two separate pieces. So, cut a piece of fabrice that is just a little larger than the wipe case. I like to use thick batting, but I cut it to just fit the top of the case. Glue your batting down first. Then, starting back by the hinge of the case, I glue my fabric with hot glue (not covering the hinge). Then I go to the front of the case adn pull my fabric tight and tack it down with a few dabs of hot glue. Then I trim any of the excess off and make sure it's all glued, and do the same with the sides. Then flip the case over and repeat on the bottom side. I like to use the braided trim because it really covers all the rough edges. If you do it just right, the braid will cover the back hinge but still leave room to open.

anyway, I hope that helped a little! quote

Thank you so much funybuny! I have been searching for help, also! I can get everything to look good, but my corners look like crap everytime! I am going to try your method tonight!!!
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