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Smile wipe case back and corners and monogramming

I have been reading threads on wipe cases but still am not seeing what I need help with. Can anyone show me exactly how they glued the ribbon on? How are you going around the corners with the trim or ribbon? Also when you are looking at it from the top and it is lying on something does the part you see on the other side of the opening have one strip of ribbon or two? I tried one but getting it glued to the corners and the other ribbon going down... gosh, it just doesn't look well.

I have not seen one in person only online so I have not been able to examine one. I tried to make one today with these instructions
Wipe Case Cover Free Instructions

but my corners look bad and when I tried to cover with ribbon it looked HORRIBLE.

I just started making bows last week and I must say the Pinwheel bow is my favorite. So sweet looking.

Any help would be appreciated! And throwing another question out there not related.... when you monogram on a ribbon, what kind of stabilizer are you using? Mine looked a little rough with tear wear stabilizer and I just bought the sticky kind but have not tried it yet.

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