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Default #21 ($15) Ribbon Rose and #22 ($7.5) Ribbon Lotus Instruction by Lynn

#21--How To Make Ribbon Rose Instructions--$15

#22--How To Make Ribbon Lotus Instructions--$7.5

To subscribe, please register first. Then click the link below to subscribe #21, #22:

************************************************** ****

#21--Ribbon Rose Instructions.
a set of instructions 'how to make a ribbon rose' of which the final product you see in the photos. you'll receive(in PDF file)more than 50 pages in total with 156 photos which will show you how to fold your rose ( including two-colour rose), how to make some types of leaves and how to make my best selling 'parisien rose' hair barrette.

Last but not least, the author included in this set of instructions photos of 26 of her rose hair bow/ hair clip past designs for your reference (of course, with short notes telling how it's made for each one). Please note that the author is not able to provide detailed information/instructions on how to make each individual bow fold/design as this set of instructions is mainly for the rose fold. However feel free to recreate them and do anything with your recreations as you wish.

************************************************** ***

#22. Ribbon Lotus Instructions
A set of instructions 'how to make a ribbon lotus' of which the final products you see in the photos. you'll receive (in PDF file) 27 pages in total with 65 photos which will show you the step-by-step 'how to' to fold your ribbon lotus, make the stamens and how to make my beautiful lotus hair barrette.

As a bonus, you will learn also how to make the exotic water flower : Water Lily!