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Default Re: Boutique Girly Necklaces

Originally Posted by rn4picu View Post
you guys are great!! Thanks for the wonderful help here. So have you ladies actually bought beads from those websites? Where do you buy the softflex wire or the Tiger Tail wire, and what mm?

My package doesn't have the mm on it anymore sorry >.< and conveniently (NOT) I can't find my other spool of coated wire to tell you what I have been using..yay for moving

I usually get mine from Joann's , Micheals, Walmart. Any place really that carries beading supplies. I think the one I am using that isn't marked came from a bead store in Ohio so that won't really be of much help...somewhere along the way the stickers came off or something sigh.

When getting crimps I think there are different mm sizes too. You want to get something bigger so the wire will actually fit. I get mine alot bigger because I do multiple strands of beads sometimes into one crimp. You can get the crimps same places you should be able tofind the wire!

I've been wanting to order from Shipwreck for a while now, probably going to do it soon because I am out of my decorative bead caps..not that I need anymore beads lol.... I used to just shop at Byzantium, this awesome bead store in Ohio but I moved so no more of that and I haven't found anything like it Shipwreck I think is going to be my new friend That and Craft stores when jewelry making supplies are on sale haha...
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