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Default Re: bow!

Originally Posted by newhobby08 View Post
You're definitely not alone! Mine are hit or miss - mostly miss, but every once-in-a-while, I'll get one that can leave the house!:P Even with they're "good" bows, I'm not so sure that they are good boutique bows, you know?
Yep, mine are hit & miss too. For me, it's the creasing business that gets me... that & the one loop longer than the other... usually when I try to correct one of those problems it messes up the other or the bow falls apart all together.

If you are frustrated with boutique bows, perhaps try something else for a little while (like clippies) & then come back to it fresh. I stopped bows for awhile out of frustration & went on a rose making binge. Just now coming back to it.
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