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Default Re: Ribbon Queen...anyone ordered???

I don't recall there being a minimum order. Not to say there isn't one, I just don't remember that. My first order was over $400 but I don't remember the guy saying "you have to order $xyz". I didn't jump through any hoops when I called for the first time. When I called them all I was told was that they would have their sales rep call me and he did-like within the hour. He and I made an appointment and he came to my house with a TRUCK LOAD of books and samples. He was really nice. I set up my account with him and gave him my tax id#. Every order I have placed after that I just call their customer service # and give my client # and place my order. I certainly go 3-4 months without ordering from them sometimes cause I almost always order the 100 yard rolls so it takes me a while to get through it. It sounds like maybe some people didn't get a good customer service person when they called. Maybe try again because it is certainly worth the effort when it comes down to the cost of buying directly and the cost of adding a "middle man". Just remember to ask for the "Manufacturer Account".

ps. I set up my account about 2 years ago. They may have changed policies-I just wanted to add that in.

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