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Default Re: I'm having trouble!

I am so sorry girls that you're having problems making the rose. I am willing to help until you get it. The paid-subscriptions forum for my instruction on HG is set up and will be active soon, then I will give all of you who has bought my instructions the password to access the discussion forum. In the mean time, I will assist all of you who need help by email or simply PM me. I will answer every single question you have. But please adress your problem to me, not just say I am having problem in general :-) Believe me, some people were having hard time and emailed me and finally got it! BTW if you are reading this, please shout out loud! LOL :-)
My advice is try to start with 7/8" ribbon first as I said in the ebook, it's the easiest size to start with.

It's not as hard as you may think at all. As it's step by step instructions and as I numbered every step, please let me know how far you got and at which step you started to have problem. Let me see a pic. I will tell you how to fix it and how to go further.

Butterflyladybug01, I believe it was you who convoed me yesterday on Etsy "I need some additional help with your instructions. Can you make a video in slow motion, step by step?". I am so sorry but I can't do it as extra support for the ebook. I promised I'll help with email support and that's what I will do.

Thank you so much.

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