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Default Re: frustrations of a bowmaker

Originally Posted by AdrisMommy View Post
Ok-- this is what I think. I could be wrong. What I find is sometimes after I have folded my bow and haven't creased it yet (I crease by hand though and use wire) I have to adjust the bottom two layers in teh center with hte top two layers. If that makes sense. WHen it is folded it is kinda like two halves layering in the center-- the top half (on the right) and the bottom half (left). And I have to adjust where these meet in the center. I hope that make sense, I don't know how to explain it better. Do I make any sense? Or am I just sounding crazy?

No you sound right. My issue is knowing where "scientifically" or just "precisely"where to line it up in the middle. I fold the ribbon the same way everytime using the same method. But there are times it is right and other times I am off a smidge.

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