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Default Re: Baby Korker Bows

Originally Posted by zoeymama View Post
Sorry, it was late when I posted last night and I must have been tired because it is not very clear:P I layer them. 10 on bottom row, 8 on next row at a angle, 8 on top at a angle, and 6 on top at a angle. All the angles go different way (left, right, left). I have always made them that way. I actually never thought to try them a different way Would you mind posting pictures of what your ribbons look like? I would love to see them.

P.S. How do you sew them? I love to find out more about how to do that. I tie mine, but I bet sewing looks nice.

I hold the needle and thread them on one at a time I keep them all on the needle until I have how many I want on it, I turn each one so that it isjust to one side or the other of the one before (ussually I just keep going all the way around and around and around) once I have the amount I want I stitch several times threw the middle and knot off. I used to tie them but I had several costomers who had toddlers and it only took them about 5 minutes to tear every ribbon out!!! My own dd had done this to me as well.

also I use the table or something hard to help push the needle threw, and keep in mind the needle WILL break if you aren't careful!
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