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Default Re: Starching bows...need advice, please

I use Sta Flo starch- you get it in a large jug at walmart in the laundry section. It is a concentrated liquid starch. My aunt used these on her crochet items and 20 years later they are still stiff!!!!! I pour it in a spray bottle with 1/2 starch 1/2 water and my bows stay! They do not have a residue or flake it soaks into the ribbon and holds-and it has a nice odor kinda like freshly ironed clothes..LOL I fluff them up spray them and wait for them to dry! - the best thing is if there is something that needs to be tweaked- when it is half dry you can form them and move them where you want- and it will stay!!! Chloe's bows that I made last year still look the same!
Sorry I went on and on- but I have tried other stuff and I really like the liquid starch!
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