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Default Re: Help please? Anyone know how to...

LOLOL you made me snort coffee outta my nose!! Geee... fanks a lot! "Bueller, Bueller"..... too funny....

Not sure why you would want to put fabric on the soles.... you mean the INSIDE of the soles, right?
I'd "thicken" and keep the the fabric from fraying by ironing on some pellon wonder-under or other stabilizer, then trace the countour of the flip-flop onto the backside of the fabric, cut it out just inside the line.
Take some E-6000 and spread it as thin and evenly as possible onto the flip-flop (I love using the freebie plastic credit cards they send you in the mail offers for that)... Then press the fabric onto the glue and even it out.
Make sure to let it sit and cure for at least 24 hours, checking after a little while and pushing down to get any bubbles etc smoothed out.


P.S.: I'd also spray some Scotch fabric protector onto the sole (unless there are allergy concerns) - might keep 'em cleaner
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