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Default Re: Has Anyone Used This ?

I LOVE the stuff!
BUT, follow the instructions LOL.....
Mix up just a little bit of it, and don't worry about the itty bitty bubbles you'll get on the caps (to start out with)....
Put a small dab of the stuff in the center of the cap, and then use a plastic spoon, kid's paintbrush, or other small doohickey to spread it out to the edges (don't use your finger). It's kinda runny so make sure you have it sitting on a level surface while drying.
Now, the itty bubbles will disappear like magic if you "de-gas" them. Which means you gently exhale (not really blow) over the caps. The "breeze" is not what gets the bubbles to rise to the surface and pop, it's actually the carbondioxide in your breath. That's why you could also use one of those small propane torches (kinda held sideways NOT pointed downward on the caps). Just don't wait until the caps start to set up/dry; make sure you de-gas while they're still all wet (like very 5 caps or so).
Just play around with it.
And, from personal experience: don't use quite so much that it runs over the edges and permanently adheres itself to whatever you have the caps sitting on LOL. You could use a fly screen or 1/4 inch (rabbit ?) wire, but spray it with some non stick cooking spray first.

HTH a little,
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