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You can try to make it before buying an instruction. Use Michelle's how to make 4 loops even as a guide for that fold. There are 3 layers of butterfly fold and 1 layer of spikes in the bow in your photos. The bottom bow is 1 1/2" lined with 7/8". The top bow is 7/8" and between the top bow and spikes is 3/8" loopies. the widths are differrent but the fold is just one. Make the 3/8" loopies a bit bigger than the 7/8", and the bottom bow a bit bigger than the 3/8" . Finish all layer, stack them together, secure with thread or wire, attach a clip, put a piece of 3/8" ribbon over the middle of the bow. Voila, you've got it.
Ooops, sorry Mindy I should have read your post before posting this reply, crazy me just trying to say the same

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