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Default Re: How 2 Make Fabric Button W/out Kit

Originally Posted by poshbypiper View Post
These things irritate me. I'm quite certain that she is NOT the first person who covered buttons this way. I agree that copying her instructions and selling them as your own is the wrong thing to do, but covering buttons this way and adding them to your craft is 100% okay in my mind. Don't get me wrong but I appreciate the tips offered, but isn't this what we are supposed to do? Help each other out with no strings attached! Arghhh!
I was merely pointing out what she wrote and stated that there are probably the very same instructions out there by someone else - I was trying to help and offered the directions I use - I'm not a legal expert and don't know if there could be ramifications - I was just pointing it out so that the OP and anyone else could make an informed decision about using and promoting her instructions. If that irritates you, I apologize.
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