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Default Re: Flip Flop Instructions?

Originally Posted by esmy_gonz View Post
Hi I have done several flip flops for my nieces the ones I have made are either korker bow flip flops or with a flower I normally wrap the V part with 3/8 ribbon first and the decorated sides and top part I have used the hot glue, e6000, and quick grip. Here are some of my pictures just in case you are wondering how they look any questions please feel free...

Oh you can also add a bottle cap to the center of the korker bow to give it a different look...
Very cute!!!!! I love the flowers ALOT!!! Which glue is your favorite, and which ones hold the best for you? I have used E6000 and it is ok. The whole using a alligator clip to put the bow on isn't working for me because we have lost like 4 bows, do you sew yours? Thank you so much for posting those and for all the great tips!!
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