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Default a few questions???

like i said before im new at this
my sister just had a baby girl, well she is 3 months old now
and she is the responsible one that im here, since she came to this worl i ca not walk in a store without picking a ribbon or checking things for her head.

now this are my questions a friend ask me if i could make her a bow for a gift but i do not know how much should i charge, here is my question

how do you do to know how much to charge for something?

another one hehe

how much it is "normal" to pay for a spool of ribbon because i've seen many but i feel they are too expensive

what is the better glue for ribbon? i've been trying with the E-6000 for fabrics but it takes forever to dry and i read in the back that could cause cancer,

Thanks for take the time reading this
and sorry if my english it is not perfect, but that is my second language
Thanks again!!!!!!!!
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