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Default PhotoPlus- remove background from image

Someone asked how I remove backgrounds from my images, I thought I would share.

Download the Free Version (that is what I have...)
Free Image & Photo Editing Software Download - PhotoPlus

1.Go to Open saved work and pick a picture to edit.
2.I maximize the image and use the magnifying glass to make it larger.
3. Look on the tool bar, it is the 6th option I think- looks like a dashed square. It will drop down to four more choices.
4. Pick the last one, looks like a crooked cirle. It is a lasso.
5.Begin to 'outline your image' w/ the lasso.
6.When you are done, double click so it is glowing. You may not get all of it the first time but that is ok.
7. Once it is 'glowing', click on Edit.
8. Copy
9. Paste as new image. **** very important
10. Magnify again if needed. Now you can trim if needed. This time you can do the opposite....lasso or highlight the parts you dont need. Edit and CUT and it will remove that part too.
11.Now you are ready to save. I always optimize to reduce file size.
12. File- Export Optimizer
13.Export and save!!!!! I never save the work in between. I save the new file and leave the original alone in case I need to go back and tweek it a bit.

I hope this helps. I am still working on how close I need to get to get my cuts smooth. Sometimes my pictures look very jagged but 'practice makes perfect!!!!'

I am no expert but once someone shared this tip w/ me, it made a world of difference w/ my pictures. There are probably more tricks w/ the program...

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