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Default Question about layered bows?

So, when you make a layered boutique bow and you have 2 bows on top of each other, do you make the bottom bow the same shape as the top one, only bigger? I've seen many layered bows (with fringe and loops) and in pics you can't really see the bottom bow. Like most top bows are boutique/butterfly bows that I've seen but I can't tell if the bottom one is also a boutique bow. Do you layer them top on top bottoms together facing each other?

ETA: Look at these beautiful bows.

Etsy :: teachemyoung :: Ginger Blossom Hair Bows M2M with Pink and Cream

Are those bottom bows bottom to bottom or on top of each other facing up? Does that make sense? Her bottom bows are so nicely shaped. Is the bottom bow bigger that the top? It's so hard to tell in pictures. Great bow though.


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