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Default Re: Do you happen to recongnize this store?

Thanks for all the advice. And if she was buying to resell, I wouldn't raise an eyebrow or even wink. But its the fact that I would be "outing" myself material and time and for all I know she just wants some free tutu's?

She's even suggested specific sizes "cause she knows her sisters are going to fall in love with them" And that my tutu's are prettier than most that she's seen. I'll be honest, I do think I do a good job....I'll give myself that much. But I wouldn't say "I'm better than the rest" per say...

So everything I have asked for like "do you have a website for your store?' she gave me a link that she literally just threw together...then I asked where her store was located as in "the address" and the myspace pics we're the response I got.

It just all seems a lil fishy to me. I figured being the great private investgators you ladies seem to be someone might recognize it or be able to call BS! (As in stolen pics)
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