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Default Re: Do you happen to recongnize this store?

Originally Posted by creativekiddos View Post
Maybe she wants to buy them since they are 25% off of $20 and then she can try to sell them for $25. Who knows she is very young with three kids as well, I don't now how she would find the time & capital to start her own business. If she can good for her. I would just take the business as a sale. Offer her a set price and only send her one photo to look at as a sample. Get a cleared payment first before you even start the order.
If I can do it she can do it! Im opening my own boutique store very soon! I have three kids, and we managed to do it without a loan so far. I just pray that God take care of the rest. My kids are my inspiration and the reason behind my store.
I would get more details and ask about her license and such. hope that helps!
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