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Default Re: Anyone know who has this??

Originally Posted by bella01 View Post
Have you seen the 100% wool felt in person? I got about 1/4 yard of it from Joann's and it was really thick. I like the wool mixes better. Just thought I would share!!! I don't know, maybe it was just that one that I got. They only had 1 color of the 100% wool, all the others were mixes.

Just curious, how are you going to be cutting your snap covers? I have a die cutter for my Cuttlebug but I wish it was smaller for the snap covers and am looking for something else so I don't have to cut them by hand.
No i havent seen it. Our closest Joann's is in Indiana!!! I like using the felt i get at the local Walmart and Hobby Lobby...but have been looking around and many people are saying they use 100% wool felt for the best clips and all. So i guess i'm really looking to check it out first and see what i thought about it and to see if it's something i would want to use or not.
As for cutting...i don't really use any of the die cutting machines, i am looking at more of the hands on, one of a kind art pieces. Thought i'd try something different :0)
Have a great day!
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