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Default Re: What size ribbon do you use for your centers?

I used to use a lighter to seal all of my edges, but then the lovely ladies here talked me into getting a woodburner. You can use it to cut all of your edges and it seals wonderfully!! I found with the lighter, my ends owuld fray after some use. I have had no problems with my ends sealed with the woodbuner. I use a metal ruler as a guide and "cut" on a piece of glass that I stole out of a 8 x 10 cheapie picture frame I bought from teh $$ store.

To cut my ribbon, I lay it on the glass, line my ruler on it wherever I want my 'cut' and run the woodburner along the edge of the ruler. A perfect cut and seal in one swipe!! And do the same for the ends of your knot. It seals the two halves together so they don't come apart!

Also use the search option on here and search woodburner. You will find LOTS of helpful threads!!
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