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Red face Does anyone kno how to make this? PLEASE HELP!

First, I want to say thank you for this site. I've been a member since my daughter was born 10 months ago. I've gotten sooooooo many great tips off of here! I haven't really shared much, as everyone here is so talented, I'd feel as though I'd be imposing. I seen these super cute ribbon ice cream hair clips, and would love to make them for my daughter's birthday comming up. I hate "copying" someone's idea's, but they are just too cute!
Now I can't find the site where I seen them, but I'll explain to the best of my ability.
The "cone" was a light brown or beige ribbon in the shape of, well, a cone! LOl Then the "ice cream" was what looked like inter-weaved ribbon. Okay, so that probably doesn't help much. I'll try to find where I seen them, and post the thread....

Thanks so much for reading this thread!

Etsy :: qtpieclipsandbows :: M2MG Ice Cream Social Hair Clip Clippie

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