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Default Re: Fabric covered buttons questions

Originally Posted by bushfamily View Post
You dont' use the pellon?? Everytime I've tried it without the pellon I can see the "shine-iness" of the button? Interested to know if you use thicker fabrics than I do?
I think it just depends on your fabric. On my darker fabrics (all mine are pretty thin btw) it doesn't show through, but on any of my lighter ones I put a little piece of something underneath. I forget what I bought for it-it feels more like a paper material than fabric but it works and I bought it because it's super thin but still hides the shiny part of the button. Is that pellon? I can't remember.

I don't iron either. In fact yesterday I tried making one and there was a big crease in the center, but since you push the button in, that smooths it out and stretches the fabric around so no need to iron. The only time I ironed is to get a picture to put online because I'm not taking individual pictures of all of the fabrics I have for each button. It's just easier to list all of the fabrics for me and use a drop down menu with one sample online.
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